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Engineered vinyl



Rip Rap

We install concrete, vinyl panel, and riprap seawalls. All new construction or replacement walls are engineered by a certified professional engineer for strength and durability. 

Auxiliary Tie-baCKS

We can also install auxiliary tie-backs into your existing wall if there is concern of tie-back failure. The auxiliary tie-backs will provided extra support to your wall and may prevent a catastrophic failure that results in the wall needing to be replaced at much greater additional cost.

*Special Note*

This is an example of a wall compromised due to tie-back failure

The damage to the seawall infrastructure in our state and community by hurricane Irma is unprecedented. Many miles of seawalls failed or have become structurally unstable as a result of the storm. Installing auxiliary tie-back systems may have prevented many of these failures. New Tie-backs can reinforce an existing seawall, supplement existing tie-backs and/or stabilize a compromised wall. Give us a call to determine if your wall may benefit from a new tieback system.

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